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United Site Services

United Site Services


3x faster tasks processing, 4x faster customer onboarding, and 50% reduction in # of customer cases in need of resolution drives enhanced customer satisfaction and revenue growth

The Challenge

United Site Services (USS), the largest portable sanitation provider in the U.S., states its mission clearly: to provide a cleaner and more sanitary restroom experience for all. With 125+ locations across the country serving more than 115,000 customers, and a fleet of more than 200,000 rental units, it certainly has the customer base and capacity to fulfill that mission.

However, its back-end systems could not deliver. Sales and operations teams were not in synch. Disparate systems were providing multiple “sources of truth”, instead of one. It lacked visibility into services provided by 2,000+ field technicians — and with more than 70,000 service needs to meet daily (drop-offs, pickups, maintenance), gaining and maintaining visibility was critical.

USS needed a solution that could do everything — customer experience, field service, accounting, analytics. And it needed a partner as adept in systems implementation as it was in business strategy and planning. USS went with Argano as the partner and Salesforce as the platform.

The Solution

USS had Argano’s solution experts leverage Salesforce, the world’s leading customer experience platform, as the foundation to address its current and future challenges. Specifically, Argano provided the following solutions and services

  • Remediation and optimization of USS’ existing Salesforce CPQ implementation
  • Orchestration between sales operations and service technicians in the field using Salesforce Field Service
  • Seamless integration between Salesforce Field Service and an off-platform billing system
  • Modernization and automation of IT case management using Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Clean-up of accumulated technical debt within USS’ existing Salesforce Org

The solution was designed to connect previously siloed teams and data, automate manual processes in accounting and other business areas, and fuel customer satisfaction as well as efficiency increases in operations and field service — and all while driving down overall costs. Argano ensured all products were implemented and integrated properly. The result? A sparkling success.

The Results

With Argano overseeing USS’ end-to-end system architecture, USS has hit every objective: increased operational efficiencies, improved customer service, cost savings, and seamless orchestration between its field service team and “the mothership.” Select program success metrics include:

  • Decreased customer onboarding time from a one-week average to a half day average
  • 65%+ increase in unit location accuracy, improving field service efficacy in servicing and pickups
  • Automated accounting processes, decreasing manual reviews of invoices by 33%
  • Accelerated operations tasks (2x-3x faster for commercial, 5x-10x for noncommercial)
  • Improved customer issue tracking, reducing cases needing resolution by more than 50%
  • Reduced fuel surcharges, resulting in savings passed on to customers

The client could not be happier with the result and with the team that helped deliver those results:

“The Argano team has been a trusted partner in transforming our mission-critical business support systems, working as an extension of our organization to help drive the success of the Salesforce program. Their deep domain knowledge has been critical in ensuring a seamless integration between our upstream Sales/CPQ processes and Field Operations.”

Ryan Golden
VP of Information Technology
United Site Services

Client Success Story: United Site Services

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