Retail, Distribution & CPG

Optimize your supply chain and improve customer insights to drive more business

Connected operations enabling deeper engagement

Modernize operations of your retail business and distribution centers and reduce costs with the right customer engagement strategy, built around scalable, cloud-based solutions that centralize operations for a truly connected enterprise.

Meeting evolving customer expectations

More than any other industry, retail is driven by the customer experience – and it is the customer experience that drives business. Customers often enter a store equipped with competitive pricing and discounts and they use online portals tailored to their product and communication preferences. They know where they can go if you do not have what they need — and where to post a negative review if their expectations are not met. Meeting changing customer expectations is one of many challenges that retailers face today, one that is often caused by inefficient operations due to:

  • Disconnected systems between front-end sales, order fulfillment and customer service

  • Dispersed data across multiple locations, impeding analyses and action

  • Limited omnichannel capabilities on the back-end

Enable your retail and distribution businesses with omnichannel customer service solutions, inventory management platforms, and analytics tools that drive engagement and revenue in today’s rapidly evolving retail world.

Create more rewarding customer experiences

Omnichannel contact centers, self-serve applications online and in-store and rewards programs can be deployed quickly to create and maintain mutually rewarding customer experiences. With all customer data in one central location, customer needs are easily matched to products and services, customer issues are resolved faster, and your team members can provide better service.

The data that powers supply chain and inventory success

It starts with data and analytics. We can help your business uncover and act on the data that enables scenario planning for financials along with quick inventory turnarounds, allowing you to plan months of supply and ensure deep knowledge of customer needs and demographics.