High-performance operations for nonprofits and NGOs

Optimize revenue, automate case management, further your mission

The expectations placed on nonprofits have never been higher. In addition to external challenges such as economic volatility and food insecurity, there are internal hurdles in managing financials, modernizing operations, and simply getting past the paperwork to more quickly serve those in need. With Argano nonprofits can achieve high-performance operations with advanced solutions that free up hands, improve transparency and insight, and make it easier to connect to communities in need.

Optimize financials

Leveraging solutions such as Unit 4, Dynamics, Oracle, and SAP, Argano equips nonprofits with enterprise level technology to fuel high performance operations across every aspect of financials: tracking of donations and expenses, creating audit trails, and automating back-office workflows. The outcome is less manual labor, fewer errors, and more insight into critical data.

Improve case management

Reduce or even eliminate the paperwork often required to help those in need by automating case management. Argano will help digitize administrative tasks around intake of residents and record-keeping at service facilities, ensuring your staff spends more time working with people and less working through processes.

Modernize commerce

For nonprofits with storefronts, Argano provides leading-edge commerce solutions that digitize point-of-sale processes, empower customers with self-service checkout systems, improve order accuracy, and connect every storefront to back-end accounting systems. Stakeholders get actionable insights into revenue, and staff will be freed from time-consuming tasks like running the register.

Enhance your platform

Don’t settle for “out-of-the-box” solutions. Our teams of experts deliver applications that help you extend your solutions to improve volunteer engagement and management, build and expand donor relationships, get real-time reporting on sales, automate purchase orders, and improve both efficiency and the customer experience at storefronts with self-serve tools.

Client Success Story: Oxfam

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