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Transforming the data ecosystem to optimize decision making

The Challenge

Levain Bakery, renowned for its delectable cookies, faced challenges in consolidating its data infrastructure to establish a Single Source of Truth (SSOT). While growing a business across multiple channels, including online, in-store, and resale grocery, the absence of a unified data repository significantly hindered decision-making and operational efficiency. Additionally, the lack of streamlined processes in marketing analytics and finance reporting posed hurdles in understanding past performance and planning for future initiatives.

The Solution

With the help of Argano, a trusted partner in data management and analytics, Levain Bakery transformed its entire data ecosystem. By implementing a hosted data infrastructure and integrating over 8 source systems, Argano established a robust data warehouse, serving as the cornerstone for BI reporting — a decisive step towards achieving an SSOT.

In tandem, Argano provided role-based licensing and expert guidance in deploying Tableau for marketing analytics, empowering Levain Bakery to delve into historical marketing endeavors and strategize for the future effectively. Similarly, through role-based licensing and meticulous implementation services, Argano enabled Levain’s finance team to amalgamate disparate data sets, automate reporting processes, and gain comprehensive insights across various platforms.

The Results

The impact of Argano’s guidance resonates across Levain Bakery’s core business functions:

  • Single source of truth: Levain Bakery now possesses a unified data repository spanning its online, in-store, and resale grocery operations, empowering stakeholders with accurate, real-time insights for informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced marketing strategy: Leveraging data-driven insights, Levain Bakery can decipher past marketing performance, discern consumer behavior patterns, and tailor future campaigns to maximize impact and ROI.
  • Streamlined finance operations: With streamlined reporting processes and the ability to analyze combined data sources comprehensively, Levain Bakery’s finance team can make data-backed decisions swiftly, fostering financial agility and resource optimization.
  • Increased branding and product differentiation: By analyzing sales data across channels, locations, and demographics, Levain Bakery gains invaluable insights into consumer preferences and market trends, facilitating targeted branding efforts and product differentiation strategies.

Moreover, the integration of data analytics extends beyond traditional business domains, with Human Resources leveraging analytics for optimizing hiring, retention, and diversity and inclusion initiatives, thereby bolstering Levain Bakery’s workforce and organizational resilience.

Argano’s partnership has catalyzed Levain Bakery’s journey towards data-driven excellence, fortifying its position as an industry leader and paving the way for sustained growth and innovation.

“Argano’s Tableau proficiency has allowed us to conduct in-depth analysis in marketing analytics, dissecting historical campaigns, and providing enhanced visibility into customer and point-of-sale data, contributing to optimizing decision-making capabilities.”

Gustavo Cardona
VP of Technology
Levain Bakery

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