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From 2 weeks to 2 days: Argano supercharges service for AquaCal, delivering a “huge benefit”


The Challenge

As a leading swimming pool heat pump manufacturer and one of Team Horner Group companies, AquaCal’s business literally runs hot and cold. The company offers a full range of units to meet any pool temperature need: keeping swimming pools warm, keeping therapeutic plunge pools cold, and more.

As no one brings a pool “into the shop,” AquaCal’s business is built on field service, which means having the right person in the right place at the right time with the right products is paramount. Unlike the products it sells and services, this part of AquaCal’s business cannot afford to run hot and cold: consistency is key.

But its scheduling tools and workflows were restricting them. Agents could not always invoice from the field, sales tax updates were slowing them down, and the warranty validation process was complex, with agents often requiring up to two weeks of training in the nuances of management and fulfillment.

The Solution

To address its service, scheduling, and case management challenges, AquaCal chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. To address its warranty processes, the company chose Power Platform, specifically Power Platform Virtual Agents, now known as Copilot Studio. To plan, implement, advise, and optimize, it chose Argano — a two-time Microsoft Partner of the Year winner.

In addition to implementing its new solution, AquaCal also leaned on Argano to create integrations for critical components in its revenue processes, specifically for Avalara — used to calculate taxes on invoices — and PayPal, which AquaCal clients often use to settle invoices.

The overall objective was improved field service, optimal warranty management, and greater connectivity across the board: between business applications, between reps and the home office, and between customer needs and the company’s capabilities.

It was a resounding success on all fronts, with Argano delivering on its mission to create the platforms and processes that support high — performance operations.

The Results

With Dynamics in place, AquaCal has centralized and improved field service and customer case management alongside resource allocation. Representatives in the field deliver increased productivity as they are able to work offline more effectively.

Additionally, with its Avalara and PayPal integrations, AqualCal now enjoys more rapid creation and processing of invoices, enabling fulfillment on site and through more means of payment. Finally — and perhaps most critically in an industry where nearly every product and service is under warranty — AqualCal leveraged Microsoft low-code tools and Argano low-code expertise to reinvent its warranty verification process. The automation and bots, now built into its warranty verification process, streamlined the training of the customer service agents, and also shaved time off related customer calls.

The new tools and processes are “great for our customers to get a quicker answer and allow our existing number of resources to have more available time to field other calls,” said Michael Nelson, Director of Operations Excellence. Nelson added that prior to implementation of the new warranty management solution and workflows, training would take “about two weeks. It can now be done in two days – a huge benefit on our end.”

Improved field service resource allocation. More customer-friendly and expeditious invoice processing. Training timeline dropping from two weeks to two days. It is safe to say that this pool equipment manufacturer’s transformation is going swimmingly.



reduction in required warranty
service training time

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