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Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

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Improving data analytics and reporting with Oracle Essbase 21c on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Challenge

Moving beyond spreadsheets

The family-owned, independent craft brewery did business modeling and planning via spreadsheets, and needed a more robust data structure as leveraging direct files was unsuccessful.

The Solution

Developing a multidimensional view of data for the Office of the CFO

Sierra Nevada worked with Argano to address the needs of the business and install Oracle Essbase 21c environments (production and non-production) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using the Oracle Marketplace offering. Argano also worked with Sierra Nevada to connect their Oracle Smart View application with Essbase 21c to provide a more robust reporting capability. 

The Results

Reducing costs and funding growth

Along with a better solution for modeling and planning, Sierra Nevada has been able to optimize data usage, resulting in savings of ~$35K per year. This cost savings enables the allocation of funds to additional projects and initiatives to continue scaling and growing the business. 


cost savings per year
due to improved modeling and planning

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