Enterprise Performance Management

Leveraging data, analysis and strategy to drive better business performance in the office of Finance

The power of proactive, integrated EPM

Forward-thinking CFOs and finance leaders understand the importance of an agile, integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solution - it is critical for effective budgeting, planning, and consolidation. Let us guide you through a finance transformation that aligns with your business objectives and make decisions in real time with complete and accurate data, providing a full picture of your business.

Improved forecasting with EPM planning

Develop the right plans across your systems, including sales, marketing, supply chain, operations, and IT - ensuring you have up-to-date information for forecasting and decision-making.

Automated account reconciliation

Streamline your reconciliation process through automation to reduce manual processes and certify transactions in a timely and accurate manner - all to help ensure compliance and mitigate risk.

Narrative reporting for a complete view

Create reports that add the most value, bringing in all available data points and enabling you to dig into what drives the numbers - providing decision-makers a more complete view of business drivers.

Better financial consolidation and close

Gain cost and time savings around your consolidation and close process, using the right tools and steps to take you from your ledger close to a regulatory filing efficiently and effectively.

Accurate profitability and cost management

Focus your resources in the right places based on the right data. Analyze complex cost and profit data to determine the potential for the highest ROI for the business.

Enhanced scenario planning

Set your business to succeed even in uncertain conditions. Identify scenarios that could occur and develop plans based on "what if" scenarios so that your business is fully prepared.

Secure enterprise data management

Leverage powerful data governance, data visualization, and data access rules to ensure your teams have the right data with visibility across the entire business.

Create multidimensional analysis, planning, modeling, and reporting

With FreeForm in Oracle Cloud EPM, users can upload and harmonize spreadsheets, collate and manage disparate data inputs and leverage multiple data sources.