Sales Performance Management

Improving operational and sales efficiency to increase revenue and reduce costs

Enhanced transparency, better performance

Effective Sales Performance Management (SPM) enables your business to inform, plan, optimize, and reward seller performance. As a result, your teams are more aligned, motivated, and ready to drive sales. Organizations relying on homegrown software or spreadsheet-based solutions for sales commission calculations can no longer keep up with the demands of modern sales operations, including the need for insights, agility, transparency, and performance. Discover how our SPM solution can help you drive sales excellence.

Maximize sales performance

SPM gives you both the data and the tools necessary to identify the opportunities that will drive your team to not only reach but exceed their sales goals. With SPM, you can gain deeper insights into which factors boost performance and which ones are hindering progress.

Automate commissions

Get payroll close done on time, reduce sales commission overpayments, and eliminate manual data-entry errors. SPM delivers powerful automation capabilities, including self-service reports and integrated inquiries ensuring you always have access to the latest data.

Foster trust and transparency

Accurate variable pay builds trust, reduces inquiries, and accelerates sales. Giving your sales teams tools to quickly understand commissions and providing administrators with instant access to accurate answers sets the stage for success. Integrating precise reporting and dashboards gives you insight into potential earnings, reduces questionable incentives, and eliminates shadow accounting.

Enable data-driven planning

With actionable data, you can create data-driven territory and quota plans that are backed by research, not guesswork. Effective territory planning enables your organization to increase sales by using your data to put the right people in front of the right customers.

Forecasts you can rely on

Unreliable forecasts can paralyze business planning, whereas consistently accurate sales forecasts give your businesses the confidence to make better, faster decisions and leap ahead of the competition. Build your sales motions around the right deals, as identified by AI-enabled Revenue Intelligence tools and combine your historical data and intrinsic knowledge with easy-to-use analytical models to separate the best from the rest.