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Leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM to Engage Employees and Develop Talent

The Challenge

Bank of Hawai‘i previously worked with legacy on-premises HCM solutions that had stopped evolving, which led to manual HR processes, inefficient operations, and incomplete analytics. This significantly limited what Bank of Hawai‘i could accomplish for its employees, who wanted more career development support than the solutions could provide. Employee development was particularly important for the client due to a limited talent pool within the area. The goal for the leadership team was to work with one vendor and one partner to fulfill the mission with a full-suite cloud solution.

The Solution

Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) was selected as a complete solution, and the first modules implemented were Core HR, Payroll, Benefits, Absence Management, Time and Labor, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Learning. Bank of Hawai‘i then approached Talent Management, with the solutions to help employees thrive in their careers, explore aspirations, and develop new skills and capabilities, as well as support corporate strategies. The process started with job skills; job architectures were built, mapping the skills and competencies required to do a job, and a 9-box review process put in place with employees.

The Results

Bank of Hawai‘i modernized technology, reduced complexity and manual processes, enhanced the employee experience, and improved employee engagement. This helped move HR from a manual, transactional model to one that would better engage the workforce, essentially integrating HR as a strategic partner within the business to improve employee development. With Oracle Cloud HCM, Bank of Hawai’i empowers functional departments to lead the employee development process. HR facilitates conversations, but the business functions drive decisions around when and what to work on, enabling ownership of the process. A streamlined review process enables managers to develop their people in alignment with Bank of Hawai’i‘s overall business strategy.

“We wanted to be sure managers have a tool to have meaningful conversations about their employees – everything from identifying high-potential individuals, to identifying successors for critical jobs.
So, we introduced the traditional 9-box process with Oracle’s tools because it was something managers were requesting. We implemented a 9-box review in excel prior to Oracle, but only at our leadership level. Now we are rolling it out within business teams and we’re using a great technology tool to help facilitate the conversation around our talent, plan for the future and build development plans focused on employee success.”

– Susan Thoemmes, SVP People Services and Technology & Operations, Bank of Hawai‘i

To learn more about building a successful employee development strategy, watch our webinar highlighting how Bank of Hawai‘i is leveraging Oracle Cloud HCM. In this recording, we discuss best practices and hear first-hand experience from Bank of Hawai‘i about developing employees in the cloud environment.

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