Our Story

We help you create next-generation agile, intelligent and adaptive digital foundations that become true business enablers.

We give rise to the possibilities of the
Digital Renaissance for all.

We give rise to the possibilities of the Digital Renaissance for all.

Florence Italy, 1420

In the heart of the Renaissance, Filippo Brunelleschi was challenged to create the greatest structural feat of the day. The massive cupola of Florence’s cathedral – Il Duomo – remained a vision with no practical way to bring to life. Many rulebooks would need rewriting and many tools and techniques would require invention before the golden lantern could be placed atop over 25 years later.

His ‘argano’—a purpose-created hoist – was one of such innovations needed to give rise to this vision in the clouds.

Inspired by the ingenuity of that age, we are purpose-built to give rise to the possibilities of the Digital Renaissance, crafting modern, scalable and sustainable Digital Operating Platforms to serve as the foundations of your business as you –

reimagine game changing products, services and experiences that keep pace with and even lead your customer’s expectations,
rearchitect how you design systems and processes to move beyond legacy architectures and technology debt,
realize the leverage and speed possible with an agile, intelligent, cloud-based foundation supporting your business and visions.

And all focused and integrated from commerce to cash to close to consolidation, so you can operate efficiently and effectively, driving profitability and customer satisfaction at the same time.

New tools for a new day keeping your business ahead of the pace of change in a fast-moving world.

We give rise to the passion of our people to be a catalytic force in a transforming world

Argano celebrates an ethos of shared beliefs and behaviors that makes us proud of the work we do and the impact we can make giving rise to the possibilities of the Digital Renaissance for all.

Our Core Values

Unleashing the Power of the Team

We are a people-powered platform with teamwork as our model. Our people and our clients work together and put to work different skills and capabilities in pursuit of a shared vision. Core to team success are integrity, transparency, communication, collaboration – and even having a little fun along the way.

Tapping into the Wisdom of Different Perspectives

We pair inclusivity and equality with open minds, fresh perspectives and fair treatment. When our people are comfortable bringing their true selves to work, our diversity of people and thinking stands apart and makes a world of difference.

Charting New Paths Forward

From developing the vision to making it reality, we help navigate the rapidly changing Digital Renaissance. Systems architecture, technology choices and service delivery all benefit from revisiting what’s next and what’s best for our clients, partners and people.

Making Client Ambitions Come True

Plenty of others can deliver technology. Clients work with us because we deliver business outcomes. From the everyday wins to the big rollouts, we work relentlessly to help our clients become more efficient and effective with how they leverage technology, people and processes.

Doing the Right Thing

We’re committed to doing right by our people, our clients and our partners. We bring consistent and uncompromising adherence to our strong and ethical principles. Our beliefs, values and behaviors align with how we want to live, not just how we work.

Challenging the Status Quo

It’s up to us to write the rules for the Digital Renaissance. We aren’t afraid to zig where others zag when it means achieving a better outcome. Changing minds and opening eyes mean we’ll get our clients to the future, faster.

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