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How a Sales Planning Solution Can Deliver a Path to Revenue Growth

Sales planning is a crucial aspect of any business, as it helps organizations align their sales goals with their overall business objectives. With the right sales planning software solution, companies can increase their sales, balance their coverage, and reduce their costs. In this article, we explore how the right sales planning software solution can help your business achieve these goals and highlight some of the data and statistics from our partner, Varicent, that support this. 

  1. Improved Sales Productivity
    By automating and streamlining sales processes, sales teams can spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks. An SPM solution helps with revenue growth because of the improved accuracy of forecasts, better alignment of sales strategies with business objectives, and improved visibility into sales performance data.
  2. Balanced  Sales Coverage
    Balancing coverage is another challenge that sales teams face. Without proper sales planning software, it can be difficult to determine which territories need more coverage and which ones can be scaled back. A sales planning software solution can help companies identify areas where sales coverage is lacking and allocate resources accordingly. Varicent also noted that companies that use a sales planning software solution can expect to see a 20% improvement in sales coverage with proper alignment of territories to resources and opportunities.
  3. Reduce Administrative Costs
    Implementing a sales planning software solution can also help reduce costs. Varicent reports that companies that implement a sales performance management solution can expect to see a 25% reduction in administrative costs related to sales planning. With the ability to automate tasks such as data collection and report generation, sales teams can reduce the time and resources required to complete these tasks.
  4. Improved Accuracy of Sales Forecasts
    Accurate sales forecasting is crucial for effective sales planning. A sales planning software solution can help sales teams generate a 25% improvement in forecast accuracy by providing real-time access to sales performance data. With this data, sales teams can adjust their strategies as needed to meet their sales goals.
  5. Increased Sales Revenue
     The goal of any sales planning software solution is to help companies increase their sales revenue. With improved sales productivity, increased sales coverage, reduced administrative costs, and improved forecast accuracy, companies can achieve this goal. 

Whether you are currently leveraging an automated solution to manage variable pay and looking to expand to Sales Planning technologies or just getting started on your SPM journey, Argano can help with our SPM readiness and Vendor Evaluation solutions. Contact us to learn more about how you can transform your business with an SPM solution.