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How Managed Services Can Help Build Your Cloud Enablement Strategy

What is cloud enablement? Cloud enablement refers to the process of using cloud computing – as opposed to on-premises servers maintained in-house – to operate your business solutions more efficiently and effectively. While cloud solutions often come with lower upfront cost than on-premises solutions, it is important to consider the long-term costs such as ongoing maintenance and support fees.

With increasing complexities and aging systems, businesses may find it difficult to maintain and secure their solutions environment without driving up IT spend. Managed service providers (MSPs) can play a key role in helping your businesses harness the benefits of cloud enablement by providing expertise and support. Your MSP can help you optimize your solution in a way that enables high-performance operations and drives desired business outcomes.

Building the right cloud enablement environment

What are your company’s business needs? What does your IT infrastructure look like right now? What is the cost of maintenance for your business systems and how burdened is your in-house team? How soon will your platforms reach end-of-lifecycle decommissioning where support is no longer available? Can your systems integrate seamlessly to optimize data visibility and ease of access? Are you sacrificing functionality and efficiency to maintain legacy systems in-house? These are some of the questions an MSP might help you answer and explore possible cloud enablement solutions.

Relying on an MSP frees your executives and IT personnel from the overwhelm of starting at the beginning and trying to research which solutions might benefit your company. MSPs bring this up-to-date knowledge with them to guide your comparison process and help you skip past any solutions that would not be a fit. Their expertise allows you to make faster, more informed decisions and reduce business risk. Your MSP will also help you navigate the pricing and support options of each cloud solution to optimize your IT spend.

How do you go about implementing a new cloud solution and migrating data from in-house servers? MSPs have a wealth of experience handling the entire process of planning and implementing a cloud solution. From developing a timeline to building integrations with your other business systems to training and supporting your employees through the solution transition, your MSP partner can save your company time and resources while ensuring your smooth transition to the cloud.

Because of the partnership relationship, your MSP isn’t going to implement a solution and then leave you hanging. The relationship continues. The support of your people and systems continues. The MSP’s ability to suggest new areas of optimization and solutioning continues. MSPs continue to provide expertise and resources to ensure that your cloud solution is always running smoothly and meeting your business’s needs. This can include everything from software updates and patch management to troubleshooting and problem-solving, as well as new use cases for your cloud solution.

Working with an MSP can be a cost-effective way to enable your business to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. MSPs can help your business identify the right cloud solution, plan, and implement the migration from your present solution, provide training and support, and offer ongoing maintenance, support, and suggestions to ensure that your business meets its goals and fully maximizes its technology investments.

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