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DataBrains, A Leading Data Management, Business Analytics, and Managed Services Company Joins Argano 

Plano, TX – April 11, 2023 – Argano, the leading strategic partner for modernizing corporate Digital Foundations™, announced today that DataBrains has joined the company. DataBrains provides high-value data management, agile business intelligence, and advanced analytics. The joining of DataBrains underscores Argano’s continued commitment to expanding its services and platforms, positioning the company as a leading technology consulting partner focused on business operations.

DataBrains has been delivering customized solutions tailored to client-specific needs for decades. DataBrains’ unique approach to analytics platform modernization, with a focus on cloud technology and business adoption, reduces risk and ensures business outcomes are achieved. As a Tableau Partner of the Year Winner, DataBrains possesses knowledge and capability within Tableau that expands Argano’s overall offerings.

“The knowledge and capability that DataBrains brings to our team of consultants is second to none,” said Argano CEO, Chip Register. “Adding DataBrains into Argano is a significant step in our growth strategy and we are excited to leverage the combined expertise, resources, and technology of both organizations to deliver more comprehensive and sophisticated solutions to our clients.”

Argano is a global leader in digital transformation and business consulting, specifically focused on integrating, automating, and optimizing client operations. Welcoming DataBrains to Argano will further the company’s ability to help clients accelerate their realization of data analytics goals no matter where they are in their data journey. Argano works with clients to develop unique and encompassing solutions that embrace all platforms, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce, and constructs customized technology framework specific to each company and industry.

“At DataBrains, we are committed to excellence and Argano is a natural fit that aligns with our values and vision for the future,” commented DataBrains founder and CEO, Len Vitello. “Our team of data and analytics experts have helped our clients improve business outcomes by transforming their technology platforms, develop data-focused teams, and empower their people to make better informed decisions. We are thrilled to expand our reach and capabilities as part of Argano to provide even more value to our clients.” 

About Argano
Argano, the world’s first and leading designer of modern Digital Foundations™, empowers companies across industries and around the world to rethink how businesses operate and unlock innovation. We steward companies to reimagine their business operations by integrating, automating, and optimizing the way data, technologies and users interact. Born from an early collaboration of world-class specialist firms, we are today a singular, pragmatic response to operational transformation. Fortune 100 to Global Fortune 2000 trust us for a faster, more reliable journey to their best digital future. Our reputation is grounded in our exclusive focus on Digital Foundations, proven methodologies, and expert communities. Learn more at

About DataBrains
DataBrains’ clients are adopting data analytics faster and more broadly than ever before. We architect and develop enterprise data and analytics solutions that unlock value from data assets. We help clients develop data-focused teams that drive change and empower their people to make smarter decisions. Our clients discover new opportunities to innovate with analytics and experience powerful organizational transformation. Our approach to analytics platform modernization, with its focus on cloud technology and business adoption, reduces risk and ensures business outcomes are achieved. We are committed to helping your organization accelerate the realization of your data analytics goals no matter where your organization is in its journey.