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Arbela Technologies Joins Argano to Build the Digital Foundations that Make Businesses Run Better

Arbela deepens Argano’s expertise in Commerce, ERP, CRM, business intelligence and analytics solutions

DALLAS June 15, 2021 – Argano announced today that Arbela Technologies will join its platform to empower organizations around the world to transform and grow their businesses with ERP, CRM and Analytics solutions critical to the digital foundations that make businesses run better.

Arbela Technologies brings expertise in cloud-based digital transformation including enterprise resource planning systems, customer relationship management, field service, business analytics, organizational change management and processes that support data visibility and integrity across core operations. Business applications combined with data and analytics and a strategy rooted in outcomes, is the heart of successful transformations.

Headquartered in Irvine, California they will operate as Arbela, an Argano company. The team will expand its reach as a top-rated Microsoft Dynamics 365 gold certified partner and help companies innovate using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Commerce, ERP, CRM, Field Service, Business Intelligence/Analytics and related Microsoft cloud solutions. Arbela serves complex industries including manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, retail and distribution.  

“Argano is purpose-built to bring together world class teams like ours that enable businesses to transform their core operations, aligned to their customers’ needs,” said Nima Bakhtiary, President and CEO of Arbela Technologies. “Our joining the Argano platform ensures we meet our clients’ needs now. It is like saying ‘yes’ and embracing the whole enterprise market while allowing for investment across the Microsoft stack.”  

Argano brings together specialized firms on an integrated platform. This model offers clients access to a unified set of unique business and technology solutions that underpin next-generation Digital Operating Platforms, including:

  • Enabling sales and services to deliver frictionless customer experiences that optimize revenue
  • Architecting integrated logistics and supply chains that are resilient and flexible
  • Delivering agile planning systems and analytics that drive a more strategic approach to financial management
  • Implementing ERP systems and processes that improve data visibility and integrity across core operations
  • Building workforce solutions that enhance employee engagement, productivity and value

“As part of Argano, we will address the technology deficit many companies face which hampers leaders’ ability to plan and react quickly, sell intelligently and deliver seamlessly in a world of increasing speed and complexity,” said Bakhtiary. “Our clients will benefit from our increased investment in the Microsoft stack and new capabilities, such as commerce, as well as our new enterprise performance management capabilities. Argano shares our passion for improving operating agility, efficiency, and effectiveness by building the digital foundations that enable commercial innovation instead of limiting our clients’ vision.”

“Arbela accelerates our ability to deliver unparalleled strategy and technology expertise to our clients,” said Argano CEO, and former Co-CEO of PublicisSapient, Chip Register. “We believe the market is ready for a partner like Argano with the breadth of capability and insights of large, global system integrators, combined with the agility, domain expertise and high-touch interaction of specialists.”

Three companies precede Arbela in joining the Argano platform. ArganoKeste is an award-winning technology services firm focused on Commerce to Cash solutions in the B2B space. ArganoInterRel brings unmatched experience in Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software. And, ArganoUV brings world-class design and technology talent to the Platform, delivering ground-breaking commerce experiences for some of the world’s leading B2C brands. 

About Argano
Argano is a next-generation business and technology services provider that builds the Digital Foundations that make businesses run better. Argano is purpose built for the Digital Renaissance, leveraging insight and innovation to help leaders design and implement the complex solutions necessary to not just survive but thrive and improve financial and operational performance. Argano believes a firm’s core operating technologies should be enablers of commercial innovation, not a constant source of limitation, and is committed to helping clients think differently about how they deploy and manage people, processes, and technology. For more information visit

About Arbela
Arbela Technologies is a global consulting firm and top-rated Microsoft Dynamics 365 gold certified partner that empowers organizations around the world to digitally transform and grow their businesses. Our expert consultants offer strategic consulting, implementation services, support and managed services as well as pre-built software solutions that help our clients innovate using Microsoft Dynamics 365, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence/Analytics and related Microsoft cloud solutions.