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Toy Retailer

Toy Retailer

Building the Foundation for Scalability and Growth with API-driven Integrations

The Challenge

A leading producer and online retailer of educational play products had built a thriving business driven by a subscription model for play kits designed for a child’s specific stages of development. Rapid growth, however, came with operational scaling challenges. The client needed a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—in part, to allow for globally centralized management of its financials—while at the same time attempting to onboard a new third-party logistics (3PL) vendor that would support faster growth.

These strategic changes risked resulting in a complicated weave of point-to-point integrations between the ERP system (NetSuite), the company’s eCommerce platform (Shopify), and the new 3PL provider’s system. Locking in such an architecture would significantly increase the cost and effort of all future changes, which could prevent the company from meeting its customers’ evolving needs and from staying ahead of its competitors.

The Solution

The company engaged Argano to help drive a technology strategy that would future proof the business. Selecting Boomi as the client’s strategic Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)—more commonly known as middleware—Argano led the implementation with deep technical expertise in data agility to enable order-to-cash and inventory management processes through integrations.

The Argano team focused on building a set of re-usable, modular integrations shared by business units in North American and Europe. Argano collaborated closely throughout the project with the client’s development, IT operations, and accounting teams, and with a global NetSuite consulting services provider.

The Results

Within ninety days, Argano enabled the client to go live in the United States with end-to-end integrations of its eCommerce, ERP, and 3PL systems. This was no soft launch: the system had to ingest 60,000 orders as part of the cutover procedure. The Argano team took full advantage of Boomi’s platform, leveraging its cloud-based runtimes and implementing multithreading to enable much more rapid order ingestion.

During the stabilization period after initial go-live, Argano worked closely with the client to design and deploy similar end-to-end integrations for its European locations, which went live only sixty days after the U.S. launch. Today, the client’s ERP, eCommerce, and logistics systems enable the company to manage its global business in a fully integrated and consistent way while continuing to serve its many loyal customers. What’s more, the modern API-driven foundation now connecting these systems allows the company to easily and efficiently scale its business into new regions, growing both revenue and its bottom line.

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