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Enhancing Efficiency and Cost Reduction through Streamlined Analytics and Reporting

The Challenge

Touro University grappled with a multitude of challenges in its operational landscape. The reporting environment was fragmented, offering limited visibility across various university systems. Duplicate and ad-hoc reports proliferated, causing data redundancy and inefficiencies. The dearth of comprehensive data insights hindered decision-making capabilities, leaving them without a solid data-driven strategy. Recognizing the need for transformation, Touro University sought a scalable, user-friendly reporting solution that could harmonize disparate data sources, eliminate redundancy, and provide comprehensive, actionable insights.  

The Solution

Argano implemented a cutting-edge cloud-based data warehouse and reporting environment, leveraging the power of Tableau Server. This shift not only eliminated redundancy but also enhanced data accessibility, enabling efficient and data-driven decision-making processes. Through the consolidation of reports and the implementation of a robust cloud-based data platform, Touro University now has the ability to leverage its data resources effectively and drive growth and adaptability in the dynamic field of higher education. 

The Results

Argano deployed an automated reporting and analytics environment within an ambitious timeline of six months. This implementation allowed Touro University to identify and eliminate over 200 redundant or obsolete reports, streamlining their data landscape. Furthermore, Argano’s expertise transformed 350 reports into 70 efficient dashboards, enhancing data accessibility and insights. The impact extended beyond efficiency improvements, as Touro University achieved over $1 million in cost reduction by reducing labor requirements for platform maintenance. Argano’s technological solutions not only optimized operational processes but also delivered significant cost savings. In addition, a substantial financial burden was lifted, with the elimination of a $1 million renewal charge, strengthening the institution’s financial position. 

Argano revolutionized our institutional reporting and KPI dashboard capabilities in under 6 months,
while saving the Touro University system over $1.5 million dollars.”

Matthew Bonilla 
VP of Student Services
Touro University

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