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Enabling digital transformation that sets the stage for growth in the live entertainment space

The Client

TAIT is the market leader in live experience design and production, driving innovation across the industry. Its team of technologists, engineers, fabricators and producers operate around the world, using industry-leading and custom building technology to set the best stage possible for clients that include Cirque Du Soleil, The Olympics, NASA, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé.

The Challenge

Digital foundations no longer able to keep up with expanding business requirements

The origins of the company (formerly called Tait Towers) were in supplying touring staging for live events. Over the years, multiple mergers and acquisitions led the company to expand its services and reach, while bringing in other brands and production companies to the TAIT family. Today it also provides live experience production for theme parks, cruise ships, sports venues, and theaters around the world.


The company reached out to ArganoConnect to transform its digital infrastructure to reflect TAIT’s business strategy. The goal was to create a new website that would highlight the offerings across its group of companies and facilitate better experiences to drive more business.

The Solution

Replatformed, integrated website that enables enhanced user experiences and optimized maintenance

To better showcase TAIT’s suite of services across its related companies, the ArganoConnect team replatformed TAIT’s website to WordPress.. The digital rebranding of the website now reflects its full capabilities, from ideation and design to manufacturing and staging, more effectively promoting its line of products for live entertainment and the markets TAIT caters to.


As part of the replatforming process, all  content was migrated from the previous website. Post launch, the ArganoConnect team developed a case studies section allowing users to explore TAIT’s client success stories in more detail.


The solution also includes the full maintenance of the  new website to ensure that its digital presence evolves and scales with the company’s business growth.


The Results

Improved website, enhanced user experiences, increased business

With a replatformed, enhanced website, Argano enabled the client to vastly improve its customer experiences. The solution included: 

  • New and enhanced website to support TAIT’s rebranding process
  • Successful data migration
  • Enhanced user experiences
  • New feature showcasing company’s success stories
  • Monthly maintenance plan for updates and future developments
  • Google Analytics capabilities for insight into content and page performance to monitor the user flow

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