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SAC Wireless

SAC Wireless

Designing Cloud Solutions to Keep Pace with Hyper-Growth

As one of the largest builders of 5G cell towers, SAC Wireless has experienced true “hyper-growth” over the past few years. Successfully managing tens of thousands of tower construction projects required a new approach to the company’s traditional business processes.

The Challenge

SAC Wireless had been relying on a complicated mix of software applications for everything from inventory and supply chain management to accounting and human resources. Some processes remained manual. Meanwhile, other applications required creative workarounds to provide the advanced capabilities that the growing company required. However, the company’s rapid expansion highlighted the need for a change. Company leaders prioritized visibility and scalability across an extensive supply chain, thousands of projects and multiple geographies. They also needed a solution that incorporated industry best practices along with the SAC Wireless special sauce for success.

The Solution

Argano designed an effective cloud-based solution based on a deep understanding of SAC Wireless’s business, customers, and supply chain. SAC accelerated the process by gathering key stakeholders to collaborate on business process design. Argano then developed a roadmap for a streamlined technology stack based on Oracle Cloud applications. SAC transitioned to Oracle ERP, EPM, SCM and HCM solutions—sunsetting dozens of applications in the process. The company now has an end-to-end solution that achieves the visibility they needed with the ability to adapt as the company continues to grow.

The Results

With implementation support and planning from Argano, SAC gained scalable systems that standardize processes across the business as well as visibility across business lines and regions thanks to an integrated solution suite. Argano also implemented a comprehensive HCM suite for recruiting, onboarding, training, managing, and cultivating employees that will have a tremendous impact on their growth efforts. From a supply chain management standpoint, the improvements will drive forecasting accuracy while reducing project timelines. Finally, SAC will experience organization-wide efficiency gains due to the automation of previously manual tasks.

We felt the competition “patched together” a solution, while Oracle and Argano offered a holistic one.


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