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Manufacturing Company

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Seamless Integration, Greater Operational Efficiency and Data Security with MuleSoft Migration

The Challenge

As a major player in the manufacturing industry, this company relied on SAP, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to manage critical aspects of their operations. Dynamics 365 CRM was the linchpin for tracking leads, managing customers, creating quotes, and closing orders. However, the challenge lay in seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with the ERP system, SAP, to generate accurate quotes based on material inventory and pricing. Additionally, the imperative of notifying SAP when an order was placed for the commencement of the delivery process added another layer of complexity.

To complicate matters further, the company utilized Salesforce for handling product warranties, managing product repairs, and customer billing. The need for data synchronicity and interoperability across these three systems became evident to optimize and streamline their business processes. Prior to engaging with Argano, the company had enlisted the services of a third-party consultancy, which opted for TIBCO Scribe as the middleware solution.

The Solution

The Argano team, armed with extensive experience in middleware solutions, embarked on a meticulous process to reverse engineer the existing TIBCO Scribe applications. The migration roadmap included a thorough analysis of each existing TIBCO Scribe flow, identifying redundant processes, and determining which were no longer needed. The team assessed each remaining application, creating a formal recommendation for migration to MuleSoft or retention in TIBCO Scribe. Collaboration with business users ensured that requirements identified during reverse engineering were accurate, and potential enhancements were discussed.

  • Comprehensive migration roadmap
  • MuleSoft Implementation and API-led approach
  • Operational enhancements with Azure services

With the migration roadmap in place, Argano leveraged MuleSoft along with various Azure services to implement the recommended solutions. System layer APIs were built for each relevant end system, ensuring a secure VPN tunnel for ERP accessibility. An API-led approach was adopted for new applications to realize the benefits of this modern methodology.

The Results

Operational support was significantly improved with the implementation of log forwarding for CloudHub applications and custom application alerts for scheduled jobs and connectivity errors. Documentation around coding standards, design documents, and runbooks were provided, including logging standards, which the legacy Scribe flows lacked. Coding standards and a log forwarder enabled the creation of a project template that would serve as the foundation for all MuleSoft applications moving forward.

 Benefits of the migration from TIBCO Scribe to MuleSoft showed quickly. Best practices, optimizations, and enhancements were applied while preserving all existing functionality. Challenges such as limited visibility for business users, lack of reusability, and system strain were effectively addressed. The customer now enjoys an enterprise-ready application network that enables:

  • Enhanced operational visibility and efficiency with real-time insights
  • Agile and scalable infrastructure adapting to ever-evolving business requirements
  • Robust security and compliance measures mitigating vulnerabilities

Beyond the U.S. side of the business, positive outcomes extended to the manufacturer’s European counterpart, where the benefits of API-led connectivity were recognized. This led to Argano being enlisted to implement interfaces between SAP and  Dynamics 365 CRM in the European branch, leveraging the scalability and applicability of the solution across regions.

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