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Elevating the digital experience and improving conversion for high-end travel business

The Client partners with the world’s largest charter operators to provide high-end experiences in the private jet travel industry. With a fleet of over 60 jets spread across the U.S., the company provides its clients everything they need to search, book, and manage their private jet travel needs.

The Challenge

Outdated platform and disconnected systems hamper customer experience with manual, time-consuming processes


With an online platform that was quickly becoming outdated and difficult to navigate, recognized it needed to improve its digital experience to better meet the demands of its customers. Booking and managing flights was not streamlined as customers had to handle flight details manually by phone and check their itineraries by email.


A major challenge was that the company was using two separate systems to generate itineraries, with no connectivity between them, adding unnecessary manual steps. It was impossible to update its content directly, making website changes slow and difficult.

The Solution

Enhanced digital capabilities streamline search, contracts, and communications

To put the power into the hands of the company’s customers, the ArganoConnect team developed a solution that elevated the digital experience with enhanced search capabilities. The website now allows users to easily find general aircraft information. Customers can view photo galleries and details about each aircraft while making it easier to schedule consultations and get quotes. With greater access to the information customers can easily find the best fit for them.


With integrated systems and expanded tools, can power better user experiences. including the ability to create and send contracts directly from its dashboard, with customers able to receive notifications on their mobile app. By integrating a solution that lets users upload photo ID, much of the manual work involved in filling out lengthy forms was eliminated. The company is now able store these records for future flights, further enhancing the user experience.


With enhanced, unified digital capabilities, Argano enabled the client to vastly improve its customer experiences. The solution:


  • Integrated DocuSign to facilitate end-to-end, contract creation and signature process

  • Enabled functionality for customers to upload photo ID and documentation, reducing lengthy form fills

  • Unified HubSpot and live chat tool to allow tracking of customer activity, increasing user engagement and conversions

  • Deployed Google Analytics to increase company’s insight into content and page performance to monitor the user flow

  • Incorporated SendGrid, an email platform to provide on-time communications from the platform to customers




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