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Howmet Aerospace

Howmet Aerospace

Reducing time-to-quote from weeks to hours for a global aerospace player

The Challenge

Errors and delays abound with outdated legacy ERP solutions, disparate processes, and a global workforce managing millions of products

A premier designer and manufacturer of aero engines and industrial fasteners, Howmet Aerospace, a former Arconic company, was struggling to keep pace with order fulfillment for their 19 global locations and millions of products. Their key challenges included a slow, spreadsheet-based quoting process, a manual approvals process that resulted in errors and unnecessary delays, and inadequate reporting capabilities that proved a significant hindrance to forecasting and projections. The organization’s 13 disparate backend enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems posed complex challenges that required strategic guidance and deep industry knowledge to satisfy Howmet Aerospace unique business needs. Enter Argano.

The Solution

Implemented a smart, scalable, automated solution to support complex order and manufacturing processes

After a thorough audit of Howmet Aerospace’s existing infrastructure, Argano’s Oracle solutions experts integrated all 13 backend ERP systems into a single process for all global sites. Next, they enabled multiple pricing methodologies, including custom, tiered pricing, contract pricing, and regional pricing to facilitate better customer offerings in a highly competitive industry, and optimized and automated manual processes, including approvals and manufacturing assignments. Finally, they provided past order visibility to support current and future pricing decisions and market forecasts.

The Results

A fully modern, connected, and automated system that reduced time-to-quote from weeks to hours

With Howmet Aerospace’s new smart and scalable solutions in place, the Aerospace leader was able to reduce fulfillment delays and minimize manufacturing errors, leading to an incredible reduction in time-to-quote by several orders of magnitude. What once took weeks, now takes hours, and the company’s globally distributed team can not only keep pace with market demand but also anticipate it—all while staying ahead of the competition.

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