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Group O

Group O


Enabling high-performance operations with cloud migration and low code, delivering 80% increase in productivity

The Challenge

An end-to-end business process outsourcing provider, Group O supports some of the biggest brands in the world including AT&T, Michelin, PepsiCo, Bayer, Caterpillar, and Samsung.

Started in 1974, the company has grown immensely over the years, but its technology was not keeping pace: it was relying on paper-based internal processes, on-premises ERP, and manual workflows in onboarding customers and vendors. In short, performance and operations were not all they could be.

The Solution

Group O partnered with Argano to facilitate a high-performance operations “makeover” with a cloud migration. 

Along with orchestrating its move from on-premises ERP to Dynamics 365 Finance, Argano’s consultants worked with Group O to digitize onboarding processes, as well as automate master data management.

Using Power Apps, Argano built an automated vendor and customer onboarding and maintenance system, along with custom workflows to help automate attached business processes, improve integration with Dynamics 365, increase data transparency, and improve productivity.

The Results

Prior to partnering with Argano, Group O’s onboarding process could have taken up to four weeks. Now with its new low-code app and Dynamics, it has optimized its process to as little as three days: a productivity increase of 80%.

Group O is now the eptiome of an organization embracing high-performance operations, being able to more quickly create new vendor/customer requests, search and create modify requests, or extend an existing vendor/customer to another legal entity. Additionally, the business enjoys an increase in transparency, resulting in more actionable data, and easy-to-find and easy-to-understand audit trails.

With its technology now keeping pace with its business, there is no stopping Group O as it continues to lead the race in providing innovative solutions for the world’s largest brands.


increase in productivity

Client Success Story: Group O

Learn how Group O increased productivity by 80% with cloud migration and custom low-code app

Learn how Group O increased productivity by 80%...

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