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CPQ and ERP integration brings the heat for better visibility and sales forecasting

The Challenge

A manual system created inefficient sales processes

The legacy quoting system at Duraflame, a company that offers a wide variety of fire-related products, suffered from significant performance and maintenance issues. Manual workflows resulted in long lead times to draft and approve price agreements. Additionally, their pricing varied by season, volume, territory, product location, and promotion status. All this information was tracked by spreadsheet, resulting in many errors caused by manual calculations. Sales teams struggled to keep track of contract expiration dates while team leaders didn’t have the sales process visibility they needed to forecast properly.

The Solution

Oracle Configure, Price, Quote as a path forward

Duraflame looked to cloud CX for their solution, with Oracle CPQ and its ability to enable faster turnaround on pricing agreements and promotions, with process automation and integrations to other system components. The capabilities of Oracle CPQ aimed to maximize deal profitability—and optimize pricing and discounting—while easily creating accurate and dynamic proposals. Additionally, Argano was able to integrate CPQ with Oracle ERP, further simplifying and expediting the steps that had previously required manual intervention.

The Results

The smoke has cleared, and the future is bright

Oracle CPQ had several positive impacts on Duraflame and the quote-to-order process. First, it automatically generated unified sales agreements and routed them for approval. This eliminated rogue discounting and sped up overall sales team productivity. It also integrated agreed-on contract pricing within the ERP system. This integration helped set up future orders and eliminated senseless pricing errors. CPQ continued to improve Duraflame’s efficiency through the creation and housing of price agreements, reducing pricelist proliferation by taking 90 pricelists down to just 8. Also, Oracle CPQ allowed for contract modification flexibility and contract extension oversight.

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