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Direct Customer Solutions (DCS)

Direct Customer Solutions (DCS)

Success Story - DCS

Pharmaceutical 3PL provider leans into high-performance operations, reinvents its supply chain, and achieves 300% efficiency increase

The Challenge

DCS (Direct Customer Solutions), formerly R&S Solutions, was looking toward the future as it prepared to launch a new automated “smart warehouse” as a foundational piece in driving high-performance operations. As part of that project, DCS needed to:

  • Migrate data and processes from a legacy, on-premises warehouse management system it was rapidly outgrowing
  • “De-silo” information and workflows stored in in separate financial and customer relationship management systems
  • Improve analytics and reporting to overcome supply chain in efficiencies
  • Empower customers to quickly access their own business-critical data (orders, invoices, etc.) from DCS systems and facilities

The Solution

Argano moved DCS to the cornerstone high-performance solutions —  Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Finance — to solve its workflow and data challenges. Additionally, Argano solution experts leveraged Power Platform to create BI dashboards and reports for itself and for its clients. Adoption of the overall solution in DCS was driven with Argano’s Organizational Change Management team, which created custom tools and training for different teams across DCS.

The Results

Argano helped DCS achieve the following:

  • Increased throughput in small parcel shipping by 300%
  • Order processing volumes increased from ~150 orders per day to ~75 per hour
  • Decrease in large order picking and processing, down from 2 days to 4 hours
  • Reduction in employee overtime

Finally, the bulk of the project took place during the height of the COVID pandemic. When other organizations were ramping down, DCS was taking off.

“This ERP will last the life of this facility. It’s cloud-based, so we’ll always be updated. I can now get more from my team. Instead of deploying them for tech maintenance, I can re-task them to serve the broader needs of the business.”

William Wells
VP of IT Infrastructure
Direct Consumer Solutions (DCS)

Client Success Story: DCS

Learn how Direct Customer Solutions (DCS) reinvented its supply chain to achieve a 300% efficiency increase

Learn how Direct Customer Solutions (DCS)...

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