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Chemicals Manufacturing Company

Chemicals Manufacturing Company


Elevating Efficiency: Achieving 10x Performance Enhancements, Improved Disaster Recovery, and Cost Savings

The Challenge

Following a major acquisition, this chemicals company had to move from its parent company’s SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) to its own ERP instance within four months. Facing various operational challenges that were hindering the business, the company sought transformative solutions to overcome these obstacles. Inefficient resource utilization was causing wasted time and effort, while integrating processes across the organization proved complex, leading to a lack of workflow continuity and limited collaboration. Disparate data and processes caused information gaps, impeding decision-making and adaptability in a competitive market.

To address these issues, the company partnered with Argano for an end-to-end approach. The team selected Argano due to its deep transformational capabilities and its ability to meet an ambitious four-month timeline.

The Solution

Utilizing SAP best practices and templates built for rapid implementations, Argano ensured that business requirements were satisfied under tight budget constraints and deadlines, that would result in fines if not met. The scope of the project comprised the implementation of SAP S/4HANA including the following processes: Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Asset Maintenance, Plan to Produce, Quality, Demand Planning, Record to Report, IBP Supply and Operations Planning.

Argano provided advisory services for process optimization, break/fix support for prompt issue resolution, and strategic IT outsourcing to focus on core functions. By handling the client’s IT outsourcing needs, Argano enabled them to concentrate on core business functions, driving efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, Argano provided functional and technical support to enhance overall process efficiency and ensure successful implementation.

The Results

Through the successful collaboration with Argano, the client realized significant performance enhancements and improved disaster recovery. Enabled by HANA Enterprise Cloud’s in-memory technology, the company achieved real-time data access and enhanced processing capabilities that enabled faster and more informed decision-making, driving a competitive edge. The integration of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) resulted in enhanced forecast accuracy, leading to better inventory management and reduced stockouts, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction.

Argano’s scalable HANA infrastructure solutions delivered substantial IT cost savings for its client, optimizing operational expenses and increasing overall profitability. With improved processes, streamlined data access, and data-driven insights, the client successfully navigated industry challenges and emerged as a more agile and competitive player in the market. Today the company operates on a scalable SAP S/4HANA platform, which has since rolled out globally within Asia and Europe, and to new acquisitions continuously.


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