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Axon Enterprise, Inc.

Axon Enterprise, Inc.

Fueling success in public safety through HPO, improved analytics, and seamless systems integration

The Challenge

Axon Enterprise, Inc. (Axon) produces energy weapons, video/audio hardware, and training tools, making its go-to-market plans inherently complicated. Not only is Axon’s environment highly regulated, but its products are typically completely new to the market. The company was looking for a high-performance operations (HPO) partner and platform to improve finance, inventory management and forecasting but was limited by a legacy system that needed substantial upgrades. The current system was disparate and accessing data was difficult.

The Solution

Argano upgraded Axon’s systems to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, extending the solution with a rapid deployment data warehouse solution and a one-step consolidation management solution to automate critical steps.

Axon operates on a mixed technology stack with the team using Salesforce to generate invoices and Microsoft Dynamics to handle all accounting. Argano created a custom integration that ensures invoices generated in Salesforce flow into Microsoft Dynamics where invoicing and receivables are handled.

The Results

Axon was able to eliminate manual planning and forecasting and improve accuracy in keeping Axon’s inventory moving more quickly — from design and development to manufacturing and distribution. Argano helped Axon integrate critical business areas, including sales, returns and warranties as well as customer contact databases and workflow management,  empowering Axon to pull all the data it needs to drive process and product improvements across the entire business. The new solution provides:

  • Significant productivity increases
  • Inventory and invoicing process improvements
  • Seamless integration of platforms and data

Client Success Story: Axon

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Learn how Argano helped Axon transform its...

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