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We help you create next-generation agile, intelligent and adaptive DIGITAL OPERATING PLATFORMS that become true business enablers.

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The Right Foundation Changes Everything

Argano partners with you to create cloud-based Digital Operating Platforms, evolving the way you operate in complex sales and operating environments. These modern, scalable and sustainable foundations integrate your operations from commerce to cash to close to consolidation, and free you to reimagine how you sell, deliver and fulfill all of your brand promises in the years and decades to come.

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The Gap Between Reimagination and Realization

The 21st Century Digital Renaissance is the most profound societal and commercial transformation since the Renaissance of the 15th Century. Technology continues to explode in power and reach, scale and capability, forever altering the way we live, work and play. Mega-trends of fast-cycling and dynamic offerings, mobility, mass-customization, personalization, subscription, and expedited everything continue to drive consumer expectations ever-higher, which again calls for a new round of innovation.

But have our responses to these dynamics at the expense of all else left your enterprise with a debilitating technology debt in your core operating and financial platforms? Is the gap expanding between the next generation of products, services and experiences you want to offer and what you can manage, efficiently and effectively?

A Shove Forward

And life in the pandemic, again, powerfully reveals the need to address this gap urgently with foundational, agile, digital platforms underpinning your business.  In our personal lives, subscription services that were already gaining momentum prior to 2020 are being introduced in new categories and services and taken to new levels. Logistics are shifting to hyperlocal with new endpoints: our doorsteps or your curbside. Demand relies now on personalization. Options for how we pay are ubiquitous.

In our businesses, the in-person practice of customizing large and complex orders is becoming virtualized. Huge catalogues of inventory, options and pricing have to be presented to clients in intelligent, self-service ways. Supply chain and logistics exist in a constant state of flux. Even how and where our employees will work has become an unknown.

Supporting Enterprise Agility, Speed and Complexity

Fulfilling your business’ potential in the Digital Renaissance will require applying some of the lessons and strategies of the last decade to the next; modernizing, integrating and migrating your Digital Operating Platform to the cloud — ensuring it can become an enabler of great product, service and experience design, and not a weight on your ability to innovate and compete.

Bringing together some of the world's best service providers, we give rise to smart, integrated and complete solutions

Argano makes innovation possible through the integration of tools, of vision, of partners. You will benefit from a unique alchemy of purposefully curated specialties combined to solve complex challenges across your business.

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