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Worthington Industries, Inc.

Client Stories Worthington Industries, Inc. Client Stories Worthington Industries, Inc. Client Stories Galvanizing a brittle technology stack for one of the continent’s leading steel processors Worthington Industries, Inc. 1 The Challenge Steel titan cannot see around the corner with disconnected supply chain applications As North America’s premier steel processor for the last 60 years, Worthington […] > client-stories > luxury-furniture

Luxury Furniture

Client Stories Luxury Furniture Clients Stories Luxury Ferniture Client Stories Leading B2B Manufacturer Achieves Customization at Scale Luxury Furniture 1 The Challenge A high-end luxury furniture manufacturer had a beautiful owned-and-operated website, but their partners’ commerce experience was disjointed. Interior design partners relied on an outdated ecommerce platform that was difficult to use, had limited […] > 2022 > 04 > 07 > from-fragility-to-resilience-strengthening-supply-ch...

From Fragility to Resilience: Strengthening Supply Chain Strategy

Like COVID-19 itself, the world’s supply chain problems aren’t going away. For many businesses, the pandemic continues to expose intricate, brutal and—in some cases, terrifying production and delivery problems. At Argano, we’ve seen firsthand how ill-prepared many companies were and know it will take many organizations years to fully recover from these logistical setbacks. And […] > 2022 > 04 > 07 > what-is-an-enterprise-hybrid-cloud-benefits-advantag...

What Is an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud? Benefits & Advantages

Today’s enterprises are under increasing pressure from their customers and competitors. They have to be faster, safer, and more responsive than ever before.  While this might be a win for customer experience, more enterprises are asking themselves, “How can we keep up?”  Automation can handle much of this, but enterprises still need a solid infrastructure […] > 2022 > 04 > 07 > build-a-powerhouse-b2b-commerce-experience-for-manuf...

Build a Powerhouse B2B Commerce Experience for Manufacturing Partners in 2022

It’s no surprise that buyers love a great B2B commerce experience. As the global manufacturing economy lurches into its third year of COVID-shaped challenges, evidence keeps mounting that while people may long for some things to go back to normal, buying manufacturing products face-to-face isn’t one of them.  That’s where digital humanity enters the relationship. […] > 2022 > 04 > 06 > what-is-sourcing-management-how-it-works-and-how-it-...

What Is Sourcing Management? How It Works and How It Benefits Your Business

Sourcing management plays an integral role in an organization’s supply chain, ensuring a company can procure the raw materials, tools, and other resources necessary to deliver its products and services at an optimal cost.  However, it’s far more complex than simply finding a good supplier. There are many considerations involved in sourcing management, from evaluating […] > 2021 > 07 > 13 > 22-supply-chain-professionals-business-leaders-revea...

22 Supply Chain Professionals & Business Leaders Reveal the Most Important Things...

More businesses are turning to supply chain analytics than ever before to optimize processes, meet consumer demand, and maximize profitability. Consumer expectations are at an all-time high, with today’s savvy consumers demanding a seamless and efficient experience. Even B2B customers prefer a frictionless sales experience. Coupled with the unprecedented supply chain disruption created by the […]

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