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Fresh Mark Inc.

Client Stories Fresh Mark Inc. Client Stories Fresh Mark Inc. Client Stories Avoiding costly shutdowns with enhanced employee safety solution Fresh Mark Inc. 1 The Challenge Fresh Mark needed to upgrade its existing ERP solution as the legacy system was no longer able to keep pace with itsevolving business needs, but — due to Covid […] > client-stories > jmp

James M. Pleasants Company

Client Stories James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. Client Stories James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. Client Stories Building a Resilient Supply Chain by Extending Technology Benefits to Suppliers James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. 1 The Challenge James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. (JMP) needed to improve selling efficiencies and enhance their supplier relationship management, but they were […] > 2022 > 04 > 06 > what-is-integrated-business-planning-ibp-and-why-is-...

What is Integrated Business Planning (IBP), and Why is It Important?

There’s nothing that can bring a business to grinding halt faster than lack of collaboration between different departments and poor visibility of processes within and between departments. But creating a business plan that integrates all aspects of your organization can be challenging as each business process is often measured by its own, unique set of […] > 2022 > 04 > 06 > 8-steps-for-a-successful-sap-implementation

8 Steps For a Successful SAP Implementation

SAP applications can integrate diverse organizational activities to ensure efficient and smooth transactions within the workplace. But implementing these technologies requires careful planning and a strategic rollout for successful adoption. A company risks losing money if it requires additional resources (such as time, labor, and technologies) to address issues. In this guide, we’ll discuss 8 […] > 2022 > 02 > 04 > what-is-business-process-optimization-and-how-to-do-...

What Is Business Process Optimization? And How To Do It Right

There was a time when a business could only be two of three things at best: first-to-market, superior in quality, and lowest in price. But in the 1970s and 80s, Japanese companies introduced the concept of kaizen, or continuous improvement, total quality management (TQM), and lean production. This philosophy proved that businesses could be all […] > 2021 > 12 > 14 > 48-technology-innovation-trends-for-2022%ef%bf%bc

48 Technology Innovation Trends for 2022

The ongoing pandemic, coupled with social unrest, supply chain shortages, and skyrocketing gas prices are sending consumers reeling, making predicting exactly how this tumultuous year will end into “anybody’s guess.” Never fear: global innovators are always working to improve our lives, leveraging every technology possible. The tech space moves fast as a result, birthing new […] > 2021 > 08 > 10 > what-is-experience-transformation-and-how-to-get-it-...

What Is Experience Transformation? (and How To Get It Right)

In today’s saturated market, the fight to retain customers is all-consuming. Because even one little hiccup can send a customer packing up and into the arms of a competitor, often regardless of cost. Customers (and we’re talking about individual consumers and enterprises alike, here) are more empowered than ever in taking charge of their customer […]

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