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James M. Pleasants Company

Client Stories James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. Client Stories James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. Client Stories Building a Resilient Supply Chain by Extending Technology Benefits to Suppliers James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. 1 The Challenge James M. Pleasants Company, Inc. (JMP) needed to improve selling efficiencies and enhance their supplier relationship management, but they were […] > client-stories > henkels-mccoy

Henkels & McCoy

Client Stories Henkels & McCoy Client Stories Henkels & McCoy Client Stories Delivering a Modern, End-to-End Financial Solution with Oracle Cloud EPM Henkels & McCoy 1 The Challenge Henkels & McCoy (H&M) was using spreadsheets and legacy tools for reconciliation, consolidation and reporting for a complex organization structure spanning multiple divisions and lines of business. […] > client-stories > gcsg-2

Global Clinical Supplies Group

Client Stories Global Clinical Supplies Group Client Stories Global Clinical Supplies Group Client Stories Creating a Single Source of Truth to Streamline Operations and Tap into New Revenue Global Clinical Supplies Group 1 The Challenge Improve event organizer support and enhance attendee experienceAn international organization dedicated to influencing the pharmaceutical and biotech industries via communal […] > 2022 > 04 > 07 > what-is-an-enterprise-hybrid-cloud-benefits-advantag...

What Is an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud? Benefits & Advantages

Today’s enterprises are under increasing pressure from their customers and competitors. They have to be faster, safer, and more responsive than ever before.  While this might be a win for customer experience, more enterprises are asking themselves, “How can we keep up?”  Automation can handle much of this, but enterprises still need a solid infrastructure […] > 2022 > 04 > 06 > what-is-sourcing-management-how-it-works-and-how-it-...

What Is Sourcing Management? How It Works and How It Benefits Your Business

Sourcing management plays an integral role in an organization’s supply chain, ensuring a company can procure the raw materials, tools, and other resources necessary to deliver its products and services at an optimal cost.  However, it’s far more complex than simply finding a good supplier. There are many considerations involved in sourcing management, from evaluating […] > 2022 > 04 > 06 > 8-steps-for-a-successful-sap-implementation

8 Steps For a Successful SAP Implementation

SAP applications can integrate diverse organizational activities to ensure efficient and smooth transactions within the workplace. But implementing these technologies requires careful planning and a strategic rollout for successful adoption. A company risks losing money if it requires additional resources (such as time, labor, and technologies) to address issues. In this guide, we’ll discuss 8 […]

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