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Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting Fundamentals

Aug 12, 2024 9:00 am CST

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Aug 5, 2024




Aug 12, 2024
9:00 am CST


Live Virtual Classroom Training

Course Description:

Think about your process to put together your monthly and quarterly reporting packages. If one number changes, do you have to manually update it in a number of other places? Is the review and feedback process a crazy mess, tracking progress of different resources across the company? Does it include a number of data sources: Financial Reporting documents, manual spreadsheets, emails and more?

Narrative Reporting can streamline your internal and external reporting services. During this training course, students will learn the principal techniques of Narrative Reporting and leave with hands on experience in administering and creating report packages and reports. You’ll learn Narrative Reporting and its main reporting features. This course is tailored for new Narrative Reporting developers and administrators and is recommended for those members on a project team who will be actively developing and maintaining reporting environments.

Course Outlines:

    • Connecting to NR Cloud
    • The User Interface
    • Connecting with Smart View
    • Security
    • File Transfer Utility
    • Systems Audits
    • Uploading Font Files
    • Planning a Report Package
    • Create Report Package Templates
    • Working with Sections and Doclets
    • Working with Excel Embedded Content
    • The Author, Review, and Sign Off Phases
    • Working with Management Reports in a Report Package
    • Creating/Editing a Management Report
    • Adding Grids, Text Objects, and Chart Objects
    • Configuring Sort Behaviors
    • Conditional Properties
    • Drill-through Content to NR Cloud
      • Assigning Access to Reports and Folders
      • Working with Books & Bursting
      • Working with Notes
    • Creating Shared Objects
      • Sharing Images and Text across multiple reports
      • Maintaining Shared objects in a single location
    • Multiple Grids – Global vs Local POVs
    • Using the CurrentPOV Function
    • Using the Prompt Function
      • Nesting functions within functions
    • Using the Except Function
    • Using Text Functions to Create Custom Headings
    • Adding Simple Calculated Rows and Columns
    • Using Calculation Functions
      • Sum, Avg, IFThen
    • Creating Groups of Data

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