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AWS QuickSight

Unified insights at scale

When you need to make informed business decisions you want answers as quickly as possible. Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-based solutions that helps you get to the right data at the right time, enabling you to make better, faster decisions.

Enable deeper insights for your teams

No matter which application or source you need to work with, Amazon QuickSight can connect with it. Easily work with data to build visualizations, perform analysis, and get insights, regardless of your technical skill level.

Build faster dashboards and reports

With QuickSights you can quickly build dashboards and paginated reports. The solution allows you to rapidly integrate rich analytics and ML-powered natural language query capabilities with one-step embedding, public embedding, and rich APIs.

Squale quickly and efficiently

As a cloud-solution, QuickStart allows you to automatically scale on your terms without the need to set up, configure, or manage your own servers. 

Minimize cost

With QuickSight usage-based pricing you only pay for what you use. Lower your cost by scaling your licenses to your needs and removing upfront costs and complex capacity planning.

Leverage certified QuickSight experts

Argano’s certified experts can help turn your data into actionable insights. Leverage our expertise to ensure your solutions are set up to your requirements so you can get the information you need to make the right business decisions.

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