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50 Best Supply Chain Degrees

Businesses need supply chain experts to manage their increasingly complex operations. However, supply chains are multifaceted, and supply chain managers need expert training to glean more ROI from the supply chain. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s significant demand for top-tier supply chain professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to build stronger, more resilient supply chains.  

Whether you’re a manager who’s trying to hire leading supply chain talent who have a finger on the pulse of supply chain operations news and best practices or you’re planning a career in supply chain management, it’s important to recognize the best supply chain degrees on the market. Consult this list of the top 50 best supply chain degrees to kickstart your search.

1. B.A. in Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University


Michigan State offers one of the best supply chain degrees in the United States. Through the Broad College of Business, you’ll learn about manufacturing, transportation, and distribution. Most graduates go on to work as industry analysts, consultants, procurement managers, and manufacturing supervisors.

2. Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University


Michigan State University also offers a master’s degree in supply chain management if you want to take your career to the next level — plus, it’s been ranked as the number-one supply chain master’s program six years in a row. It has a hybrid online and weekend in-person workshop format, which allows you to work as you pursue your degree.

3. MBA in Supply Chain Management

University of Wisconsin-Madison


If you’d prefer to earn your MBA, check out the Wisconsin School of Business. It offers an MBA with a specialization in supply chain management. You’ll visit supply chains from across the world, learn how to manage supply chains, and have the chance to receive your Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.

4. Supply Chain Management Bachelor’s Degree

University of Texas San Antonio


UTSA’s Operations and Supply Chain Management degree will qualify you to work in manufacturing, third-party logistics, management consulting, and more. Choose from two tracks to kick off your career: Management Science or Operations and Supply Chain Management.

5. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Supply Chain Management

University of Arkansas


Gartner ranked the University of Arkansas’ Walton College of Business as the best supply chain management program in North America. You’ll learn about macroeconomics, accounting, data analysis, and public speaking, too. You can pursue this degree in person or 100% online.

6. Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

Penn State University


Renowned university Penn State offers supply chain management courses completely online, so you can learn at your own pace. In this program, you’ll develop project management skills, learn about integrated supply chain management, and get hands-on experience working with SAP processes. 

7. Supply Chain Management

Rutgers University


Learn the soft skills and technical knowledge you need to succeed with this supply chain degree. You’ll learn about strategic sourcing, global procurement, contract management, Six Sigma, and more. Many Rutgers graduates go on to work as senior buyers, materials analysts, procurement managers, and purchasing agents. 

8. University of Maryland Supply Chain Management Major

University of Maryland


University of Maryland teaches supply chain majors the ins and outs of supply chain management. You’ll also use state-of-the-art software to get hands-on, practical experience with supply chain management long before graduation. 

9. BS in Operations Management Concentration

Southern New Hampshire University


Southern New Hampshire University offers its logistics program completely online. It’s designed specifically for career professionals and military service members who want to learn about supply chain management. The coursework is designed to prepare you for the CSCP and CLTD certifications, too.

10. MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Southern New Hampshire University


You can also earn an online MBA in supply chain management from Southern New Hampshire University. For under $19,000, you can build analytical skills and even earn valuable industry credentials while you’re still in school. Graduates often go on to work as logisticians, management analysts, and quality assurance managers. 

11. Operations & Supply Chain Management BBA

University of North Dakota


Earn your Bachelor of Business Administration while specializing in supply chain operations. This in-person, four-year program will teach you how to design, implement, and manage supply chains. AACSB International accredited this program, which places it in the top 5% of supply chain management degrees in the world. 

12. Supply Chain & Operations BBA

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Learn how to plan, procure, and deliver products through this program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. You’ll learn not only about the supply chain but also about the efficient management of human resources and machinery. In addition to a solid understanding of the supply chain, you’ll also understand lean operations, Six Sigma, and mass customization. 

13. BSBA in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Drexel University


Drexel’s undergraduate supply chain management degree will teach you about revenue management, lean operations, Six Sigma, and supply chain optimization. Drexel graduates go on to work as sourcing managers, demand planners, and inventory managers. The college also boasts small class sizes, which gives you more opportunities to connect with fellow students and your professors. 

14. Supply Chain Management Major

Syracuse University


Effortlessly forecast demand, allocate resources, and improve processes with an education from Whitman Business School. Founded in 1919, Syracuse University’s supply chain management program is one of the most established in the United States. Learn about operations management, vendor relations, purchasing, and more with this four-year degree. 

15. Supply Chain in Marketing Concentration

The University of Alabama in Huntsville


Marketing and supply chain management often work hand in hand. If you want to pursue an education in marketing but also want to learn about supply chain management, this program is the perfect fit. You’ll not only learn marketing basics like writing and video editing, but also supply chain essentials such as pricing, statistics, and business foundations.

16. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


UN Lincoln’s College of Business will teach you about procurement, fulfillment, inventory management, supplier relationships, and much more. You can customize your program to cover 12 hours of accounting, economics, finance, management, or marketing in addition to your supply chain management studies.

17. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Athens State University


Athens State College of Business graduates often go on to work in technical, functional, and leadership roles at large companies and even government agencies. In this program, you’ll learn about demand forecasting, operations, raw materials sourcing, and transportation. This program emphasizes supply chain management in a government setting, so it’s ideal for people who want to work at public agencies.

18. Global Supply Chain Management Major

State University of New York Plattsburgh


Learn the analytical and management skills you need to succeed in supply chain management at SUNY Plattsburgh. This degree program will help you prepare for the CSCP, CPIM, CIRM, and CPSM certifications. SUNY Plattsburgh also has small class sizes with an average of 15 to 20 students, giving you a greater opportunity to connect with your professors. 

19. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

University of Evansville


The Schroeder Family School of Business Administration offers a comprehensive four-year degree in logistics and supply chain management. UE distinguishes itself by connecting students with hiring managers, as well as internships and academically rigorous SAP training.

20. Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with Emphasis on Supply Chain Management

Lindenwood University


Lindenwood University’s business administration program offers a specialization in supply chain management. In addition to business administration skills, you’ll learn about logistics, procurement, operations, and supply chain management.

21. Supply Chain Engineering Concentration

Georgia Tech


If you want to design supply chains, opt for a supply chain engineering degree from Georgia Tech. Its supply chain engineering program applies engineering principles to supply chain design. In this program, you’ll learn how to design facility locations, supply networks, transportation, and vehicle routing. 

22. BS in Global Supply Chain Management

Clarkson University


\Clarkson University’s School of Arts and Sciences offers a four-year degree in supply chain management. You’ll learn about industrial supply chain economics, information systems, logistics management, negotiations, relationship management, and more. The well-rounded program also touches on accounting, legal basics, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

23. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certificate

Palo Alto College


Whether you want to learn in person or online, Palo Alto College’s logistics and supply chain management program could be a good fit. ranked the college’s supply chain management program as the third-best in the United States. You’ll have access to internship opportunities, social responsibility activities, and part-time job opportunities while you’re still in school, too.

24. Supply Chain Management & Logistics

The Ohio State University


Ohio State University’s College of Engineering offers a comprehensive supply chain management and logistics degree. You’ll learn about warehousing, sustainability, scheduling, inventory management, lean production, and transportation. Through an interdisciplinary approach, you’ll also learn about optimization, simulation, and data analytics, too.

25. Online Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management

Arizona State University


The U.S. News & World Report ranked ASU’s supply chain management degree as the second-best in the nation. You’ll learn about negotiations, logistics, business decision models, and more. ASU graduates with this degree often work as purchasing managers, procurement specialists, and logistics analysts. 

26. BS in Global Supply Chain Management

Minnesota State University Moorhead


If you want to work on international supply chains, MSU’s global supply chain management program could be a good fit. This program will help you learn the ins and outs of supply chain management as well as accounting, marketing, management, IT, economics, and consulting. You can also earn course credits with supply chain-related internships.

27. Bachelor of Arts in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Lipscomb Online

@Lipscomb Online

Lipscomb offers a non-traditional option for undergraduate education. You can earn this 126-hour degree entirely online, where you’ll learn the basics of accounting, logistics, project management, eCommerce, and finance. The program also specializes in cross-cultural leadership, which is perfect if you have your sights set on a career in international management.  

28. Supply Chain Management Major

The University of Texas at Austin


McCombs School of Business graduates often go on to work as buyers, risk management analysts, and logistics planners. While you’ll receive a solid theoretical foundation, this program prides itself on practical learning. You can choose from an SCM Internship or an Operations Management Practicum to earn both course credit and real-world experience. 

29. Supply Chain Management BBA

University of St. Francis


University of St. Francis’ supply chain BBA teaches students about demand planning, supplier management, operations, logistics, distribution, and manufacturing. The university is unique because it’s located near North America’s largest inland port. This gives students plenty of opportunities to see supply chain management systems at work in the real world. 

30. Supply & Logistics Management

Portland State University


Portland State’s supply chain management undergraduate degree is just one of three in the nation certified by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). Students often choose this program because of its physical proximity to supply chain hubs, faculty experience, technical training, and soft skills development. 

31. Supply Chain Management Program

Forsyth Tech


It might be a community college, but Forsyth Tech offers respected certificate programs and associate degrees in supply chain management. It’s an ideal option for leaders who need to brush up their skills without a four-year degree. This program will teach you the basics of logistics technology, economics, transportation, inventory control, and federal transportation regulations. 

32. Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Louisiana Tech University


Supply chains aren’t known for their sustainability, but that’s something that LSU is working to change. Sustainability is a hot-button issue for businesses, and supply chain professionals can get a leg up on this trend with a degree from LSU’s College of Business. This program not only educates students on supply chain management but also on the realities of social and environmental responsibility. 

33. Bachelor of Applied Science

Florida State College at Jacksonville


FSCJ offers one of the best and most affordable online supply chain management degrees in the United States. It’s also accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools. In this program, you’ll learn about global operations, financial management, strategic transportation, and even regulatory compliance.

34. Supply Chain Management Master’s Programs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


If you’re looking for advanced degrees in supply chain management, look no further than MIT. The engineering school offers an internationally-recognized master’s program for supply chain management, which you can earn either in-person or online. In this course, you’ll learn about analytical problem-solving, technical communication, accounting, and leadership. All master’s students complete a research project and work with partner companies. 

35. Bachelor of Business Administration Supply Chain Management 

University of Houston


If you’re interested in demand fulfillment, logistics, customer support, or even recycling, the University of Houston’s supply chain management BBA could be the right fit. Gartner ranked UH’s program as the ninth-best undergraduate supply chain management program in the U.S. Many graduates go on to work in the private sector as well as nonprofits and even the government.

36. Supply Chain Management Concentration

Colorado State University


CSU’s College of Business teaches students about every stage of the supply chain as well as strategies to find efficiencies. Its BSBA program offers a concentration in supply chain management that will teach you about supply, logistics, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior.

37. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Tennessee Knoxville


The U.S. News & World Report ranked Haslam College of Business as one of the top five best supply chain management programs in the United States. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to do service learning, site visits, and more at the University of Tennessee Knoxville.

38. Operations Management

University of Scranton


University of Scranton’s Operations Management degree is AACSB certified. It allows students to visit corporations in person, attend guest lectures, and connect with alumni to source job opportunities. You’ll learn how to manage supply chains, leverage technology, manage people, and increase cost-effectiveness.

39. Operations and Supply Management

Ferris State University


Ferris State University’s program will teach you about everything from lean systems to project management to technology. Its graduates walk away knowing how to operate successful businesses and leverage the supply chain to find even more efficiencies. Many of its students go on to work in logistics, quality control, and purchasing for banks, hospitals, nonprofits, and more.

40. Supply Chain Management BBA

Northeastern State University


Earn your BBA with a concentration in supply chain management from Northeastern State University. You’ll learn about negotiations, pricing, purchasing, eCommerce, inventory control, distribution, and more. NSU blends technology into its curriculum, so if you want a career rooted in a solid technology toolkit, this is a good program to consider. 

41. Supply Chain Management Major

University of Rhode Island


URI’s supply chain management major is an interdisciplinary program that teaches you about strategic planning, operations, logistics, and transportation. As part of the major, you’ll earn a CTL certification from the ASCM upon graduation.

42. Bachelor of Science in Business, Supply Chain Management Major

Wright State University


Wright State’s supply chain management degree will give you real-world experience through summer internships coordinated through its career management office. Wright State University’s alumni work for companies like CareSource, Honda, LexisNexis, and more. They typically work as business consultants, IT operations analysts, logistics analysts, purchasing specialists, and inventory control administrators.

43. BSBA in Global Supply Chain Management

Rider University


Learn everything you need to know about business and supply chains with a BSBA. Rider University’s interdisciplinary program teaches you about marketing, management science, IT, and international business. Gartner ranked RU’s program as number three in the nation in 2020.

44. Supply Chain Management Major at Lehigh University

Lehigh University


At Lehigh University, you can choose from either a Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics or a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Business and Engineering. Its alumni work as inventory management consultants, supply chain planners, and purchasers.

45. Bachelor of Business Administration Management

Strayer University


Become an effective manager and supply chain expert with a degree from Strayer University. Its BBA program is entirely online and equips you with the skills needed to manage both people and a corporate supply chain. 

46. BS in Supply Chain Management

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


The Gies Business School will teach you not only the basics of supply chain management but also the soft skills required to manage other people. You’ll learn about data analytics, technical writing, and model development. You’ll also complete a practicum serving as a supply chain consultant. 

47. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Program

Herzing College


Herzing College offers a 12-month online program that prepares you to work in supply chain management in just a year. This online program also includes a six-week internship. Program graduates often go on to work as materials handlers, procurement agents, logistics clerks, and warehouse managers. 

48. BBA Supply Chain Management

Texas A&M University


Mays Business School will equip you with the skills necessary to work as a supply/demand planner, project manager, procurement manager, or vendor relations manager. Texas A&M has a high placement rate, accomplished professors, and a large alumni network to help you build a satisfying career. 

49. Supply Chain and Operations Management

Purdue University


Become an operations specialist, process improvement lead, or supply chain analyst through this program at Purdue University. Learn how to optimize business performance, plan inventory, and source supply chain materials with ease.

50. BS in Business with Supply Chain Management Focus

NC State University


Poole College of Management offers an undergraduate degree specializing in supply chain management. You’ll have a semester-long practicum that pairs you with an industry partner, so you’ll get real-world experience over the course of your degree. 

Whether you’re looking to hire the next transformational supply chain leader for your company or you’re exploring a potential career in supply chain management, these 50 leading supply chain degree programs offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare the next generation of supply chain leaders.