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What Is SAP BusinessObjects, and How Does It Work?

SAP is a market leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Its suite of applications includes hundreds of modules that work together to handle virtually every facet of running a company. 

When firms use SAP, it creates a centralized system that allows for data sharing and access across all departments, ultimately benefiting each and every employee.

This article will discuss what SAP BusinessObjects is, who uses it, and how it works.

What Is SAP BusinessObjects?

SAP BusinessObjects BI (SAP BO) is a user interface that allows users to modify, view, and arrange business items in the most compatible format by making use of business tools related to front-end applications. 

It’s a trusted instrument for examining central metrics and associated data patterns, and it allows for safe, anywhere-and-anytime access to business intelligence. 

Using other sets of tools, pre-written reports and “universes” (BusinessObjects ‘ term for a semantic layer between the physical data store and the front-end reporting tool) can be centralized and made available to communities of users selectively.

The Origin of SAP BusinessObjects

Prior to SAP AG of Germany buying it in 2007, BusinessObjects was a standalone company that specialized in enterprise business intelligence software. The company reported having over 46,000 customers before its acquisition by SAP. 

BusinessObjects XI and BOXI were the company’s main products; they included modules for EIM, BI, EAM, BI reporting, BI analysis, BI query, and BI reporting. BusinessObjects also provided customers with advisory and education services to aid in the rollout of their business intelligence initiatives. 

Today, certified SAP operators, consultants, and managers throughout the world make use of SAP BusinessObjects with smooth and rapid compatibility with various devices.

That is to say, SAP BO may be seamlessly integrated into an enterprise setting, granting authorized users access to the system and the freedom to modify, analyze, and exchange data.

Who Uses SAP BusinessObjects? 

Users of SAP BusinessObjects often include enterprise employees, as well as IT & services professionals.

SAP BusinessObjects’ annual base pricing starts at $14,000, though the true cost of ownership is often obscured by variables like license count and complexity. 

The main categories are “user” and “concurrent session” licenses. Concurrent session licensing limits the number of users that can access the platform at one time. 

Once all of your concurrent session licenses are in use, you won’t be able to log in until one of the other users logs out. However, user licenses are only ever accessible to the specified individual.

How Does SAP BusinessObjects Work?

SAP BusinessObjects has a user-friendly interface that guides you step-by-step through the process of importing a spreadsheet, connecting to many data sources, and exploring your data via the software’s powerful search and navigation tools. 

Because it is all part of one system, your reports and dashboards will always be precise and up to date. As a result, you won’t have to manually compile sales figures from numerous sources or make pivot tables, charts, and graphs. Ad hoc “what-if” assessments are also possible. 

Spreadsheets and reports can now be shared digitally, eliminating the need for email or paper copies. There are partner options accessible for corporate and industry needs.

Data Visualization 

A storyboard-like visualization environment is available in SAP BusinessObjects. 

You can incorporate visuals, along with the usual fare of text, charts, photos, and even animations. You can modify the data in your visualizations by adding filters and ad hoc reporting. 

Integration of geospatial data for use in mapping is also available.

Data Integration

Thanks to SAP’s variety of connectivity formats, you can link nearly any kind of data to SAP BusinessObjects. Examples of these formats are:

  • SAP Java Connector (JCo)
  • Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) 
  • Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI)
  • Open Data Protocol (OData)
  • Intermediate Documents (IDocs)
  • Remote Function Call (RFC)

You’ll want to find someone with SAP integration experience to help you make the most of these formats.


SAP reports may be sent by electronic mail, web portals, or mobile devices. 

Reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including PDF, TXT, XLS, XLSX, and CSV. The Lifecycle Management Tool has revision control features, and by linking BusinessObjects with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA, SAP can provide you with real-time insights. 

SAP’s predictive analytics are also helpful because they provide a visual representation of “what if” situations in an organization.

One of SAP BusinessObjects’ main selling points is that it can be scaled to meet the needs of any business without the cumbersome and difficult-to-navigate consequences of using a patchwork of solutions. The standardization and ease of use of SAP’s solution led to widespread user adoption.

Implement SAP BusinessObjects with an Experienced SAP Consultant 

In today’s uncertain economic climate, you need solutions that can provide the understanding of the data you need to make more informed decisions. You need features that can streamline your business process optimization and assist you in managing your enterprise, so you can concentrate on long-term growth. 

SAP BusinessObjects is a versatile business software that can be adapted to meet the needs of a wide range of organizations, from sole proprietorships to global corporations. There are also various SAP certifications for professionals in different fields to master SAP BusinessObjects and other SAP technologies. 

If your organization is considering SAP BusinessObjects, partnering with an experienced SAP consultant like Argano is the best way to ensure your SAP implementation goes smoothly.  An SAP Gold Partner that has delivered more than 200 successful SAP implementations globally, Argano offers turnkey SAP expertise and redesigned or enhanced end-to-end solutions to unify your business and optimize operations. Get in touch with Argano to learn how our SAP experts can help you transform your business.  

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